Apr 30Ghost Chicken
Apr 29Suffer
Mar 28Steam Spring Sale 2024
Feb 27Black Hole
Feb 15Bookbeast!


Dec 31How To Ruin New Years
Dec 27New Year’s Resolutions For 2018
Dec 23Sorry Santa
Dec 17The Tree Topper
Dec 14Blackmail
Dec 09Mad Men Method
Dec 06Ungodly Hour
Nov 29Winter Is Here
Nov 26Wake Up America
Nov 22Improving Grace
Nov 19Baby Present
Nov 10Presidential Portrait
Nov 05Making Friends
Oct 31Splork!
Oct 18Dog Days
Oct 15New Coworker
Oct 11Fall
Oct 08A Robot Named Fight
Oct 04What about THAT guy?
Sep 28Social Crap
Sep 23Equifax
Sep 18The Cartoonist Dilemma
Sep 14Infamous Internet Burger
Sep 09Words Of Wisdom 4
Sep 06That’s my girl!
Sep 02Super Powers
Aug 30Another Hole
Aug 27The Slack Signal
Aug 13Evidence of Time Travel
Aug 05The Wrath of Bacon
Jul 29Rorschach
Jul 22Vacation Time! – 2017
Jul 19Lovecraft Burger
Jul 16Epic Music Video
Jul 12Wild Guess
Jul 0750 Shades Of Grayson
Jun 30Double Metroid Trouble
Jun 25One With The Universe
Jun 22Father’s Day
Jun 17Overtwerk
Jun 14Baby Names
Jun 10Another Baby!
May 31Animal Farm Burger
May 28Black & White
May 212nd Year Of The Squirrel
May 18Spoilerworld
May 13Squirrel Lady
May 07Words Of Wisdom 3
May 03Guardians Of The Wallet Vol 2
Apr 29Drained
Apr 26Checkmate
Apr 20Invader
Apr 16Happy Zombie-Jesus Day 2017!
Apr 13Drunken Fist
Apr 07Beer Day
Apr 05Hammer Time
Mar 31Revengers
Mar 25Chewpappa
Mar 22Tiny Time Machine
Mar 16Logan
Mar 123D Printer – Part 2
Mar 083D Printer – Part 1
Mar 04Cancerous – Part 2
Feb 28Cancerous – Part 1
Feb 26Pilgrim Jacket
Feb 23Big Daddy Remastered
Feb 19Surprise Me
Feb 16Internet Justice Friends Returns
Feb 08The Hole
Feb 05A Good Laugh
Jan 31Week One
Jan 27Candlewatch
Jan 21Escape From Trump
Jan 15G’day Mate
Jan 11Kitty Litter
Jan 07Rocket Time
Jan 05Are You Ready – 2017


Dec 31New Year’s Resolutions
Dec 28Gingerbread Men
Dec 24What’s In The Box?
Dec 21Unexpected Gift
Dec 15Epic Snowman
Dec 11Satanicmon
Dec 08Puppy Love
Dec 03Coat Noir
Nov 30Taipei
Nov 27Forest Walk
Nov 23Super Moon
Nov 20International Men’s Day 2016
Nov 16Ironic Cups
Nov 09Bad Influence
Nov 05Everyone’s A Critic
Nov 02Elves
Oct 27Epic Beard Trimming
Oct 23Imitations
Oct 20Ninja Hilary
Oct 15Canadian Thanksgiving
Oct 12Guest Comic: King of Slackers tribute
Oct 09Plant On The Run 2
Oct 06Read The Classics
Sep 29Party Hard 2: Party Harder
Sep 25World of Pr0nCraft
Sep 21Super Deadpool Bros
Sep 18Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016
Sep 14Brain Storage
Sep 07How To Afford A Wacom 102
Sep 04The Psylocke Effect
Aug 31Cutest Transformer
Aug 28Fox News
Aug 25Comic Sans
Aug 20Infinite Amusement
Aug 17Blue Is The Hottest Color
Aug 14Hail Hydra!
Aug 10Ice Climber – The Movie
Aug 04Lost Idea
Jul 28Bukkakemon GO
Jul 24Pokémon Go – Elder God Edition – Part 2
Jul 20Pokémon Go – Elder God Edition
Jul 17Fruit Enthusiast
Jul 13Suck A Massive Bag Of Dicks
Jul 07The Legend Of Duke
Jul 03Super Nostalgia
Jun 28Ghost Photoshop
Jun 25The After Effects Effect
Jun 23Strawberry Moon
Jun 16Poor Benny
Jun 10Cover For Me!
Jun 04Vacation Time! – 2016
Jun 01Plant On The Run
May 28No Hope
May 23Gore
May 19Year Of The Squirrel
May 15Dadmobile
May 12Paper Planes
May 09Blu Excitement
May 07Hecklers
May 04May The 4th Be With You Again!
Apr 30Civil War
Apr 27Rivalry
Apr 24Guest Comic: Jok
Apr 20Chess Club
Apr 17Poe Logic
Apr 15Yummy Plastic
Apr 09Late Night Weirdos
Apr 07Deathlike Slumber
Apr 03Easter Latte
Mar 30Trump People
Mar 26Same Same
Mar 23Caesar Salad
Mar 20Zero Fox Given
Mar 17Ukelele Time
Mar 11Small Talk
Mar 04Babysitter Miami
Feb 28The Original J.J. Abrams Script
Feb 24Darkest Dungeon Affliction
Feb 19Dead Excitement
Feb 14Hoth Cold
Feb 09Safer Internet Day 2016
Feb 04Behind The Comic 04
Jan 31Behind The Comic 03
Jan 29Behind The Comic 02
Jan 25Behind The Comic 01
Jan 21Darth Annika
Jan 16Total Cleanup
Jan 08Hollywood Remakes
Jan 04Are You Ready? – 2016


Dec 26We’re Still Sorry
Dec 14Fuck-a You PETA!
Dec 08Enjoy Quantum
Nov 23The Social Network 2
Nov 12Sneaky Elder God
Oct 30Paranormal Activity 4: Not Again!
Oct 26Rise Of The Robot Nazi Unicorns
Oct 08Thanks Steve
Oct 05Epic Rage Quit
Oct 02Station And Box 3
Sep 28Yet Another Epic High Five – For Science!
Sep 24Pong!
Sep 17Analog Minecraft
Sep 14How To Afford A Wacom 101
Sep 10Black Swan
Sep 08Alternative Takedown
Sep 03Deus Ex-gasm
Aug 31This Is Not Sparta!
Aug 24Letter From Zeki
Aug 18Rise Of The Planet Of The Humping Kung-Fu Monkeys
Aug 14Creepercraft
Aug 11Surprise Heart Attack
Aug 07Laser Disease
Jul 30Stop Owling
Jul 28The Horror Part 2
Jul 13Another Game Of Thrones
Jun 29Rapture Results
Jun 22Game Of Dragons
Jun 05Return Of The Humping Kung-Fu Monkeys
Jun 01Dr.Asshole – I’ll tell you why
May 26Hole In The Comic
May 19Another Epic High Five – For Science!
May 15Unexpected Crossover
May 08Wait A Sec…
May 04Unwelcome Surprise
Apr 28Troy – Space Dude!
Apr 23Happy Zombie-Jesus Day!
Apr 20The Goddamn Russian Batman
Apr 16Soul Flavoured Coffee
Apr 13Giveth And Taketh Away
Apr 09We <3 Cthulhu
Apr 02Epic Reunion
Mar 30Kombat Censorship
Mar 27Choose Your Own Adventure
Mar 19St.Patrick’s Day Snack
Mar 13Back To The Capital Wasteland
Mar 10Romance In Ravenholm
Mar 05The Big Picture
Mar 02The Beginning Of The Third Age
Feb 23Station and Box 2
Feb 18Hands Of Time
Feb 16Silent Comic
Feb 12The Amazing Spider-Idiot
Feb 08Safer Internet Day?
Feb 05Shooting Star
Feb 03Wedding Achievement
Jan 30One Ring To Rule Them All
Jan 27I Know Elvish
Jan 22The Short Men Cometh – Part 3
Jan 19The Short Men Cometh – Part 2
Jan 15The Short Men Cometh – Part 1
Jan 12Guest Comic: Arkham City
Jan 08Instant Insanity
Jan 05Summertime in December
Jan 01Are You Ready? – 2011


The year we make contact!! Yeah... 2010. Sounds so futuristic somehow...

Dec 23Sorry About That
Dec 19Huge Balls
Dec 16Lebowski Legacy
Dec 11Assassin’s Man Or Batcreed Brotherhood
Dec 08Internet Justice Friends
Dec 04That’s The Second Biggest Wasp I’ve Ever Seen!
Dec 01Still At The Zoo
Nov 27A Day At The Zoo
Nov 23The Movie Event Of A Generation
Nov 20Achy Breaky Heart
Nov 17Phallic Analysis
Nov 13Hunter Hunted
Nov 10Whip It!
Nov 06Bad Case Of Head Crabs
Oct 30Trick Or Souls 2
Oct 27Paranormal Activity 3: Boo!
Oct 24An Evil Brain
Oct 20Super Gimp Bros
Oct 09Pyramid Head <3 Bobby Kotic
Oct 06Plotting and Scheming
Oct 03Retelling The Legend
Sep 29Mac Vs PC Vs Batcomputer
Sep 22A Trap For Mario
Sep 18Mega Fanboy
Sep 15Hell Freezes Over
Sep 11Movie Of The Year
Sep 08Tweet Bird
Sep 04Super Classy Mario
Sep 02The Untold Legend Of Zelda
Aug 28The Phantom – Attorney At Law
Aug 25Awkward Moment
Aug 19Einstein’s Secret
Aug 14An Epic High Five – For Science!
Aug 11What is Art?
Aug 07A Good Point
Aug 042 Replicants 1 Cup
Jul 31In The Snake Pit
Jul 28Time To Retire
Jul 24Voight Test Gone Wrong
Jul 21That Was Random
Jul 17The Freeman Is Loose!
Jul 14Where Is Freeman?
Jul 10Three-Deee!
Jul 07Memories From Vault 101
Jul 03Brotherhood Of Steel
Jun 26The Horror
Jun 23Darkstalking
Jun 19Sex-Box
Jun 16Heavy Sword
Jun 12Cute this!
Jun 09Legend Of The Multi-Dispay Adaptor
Jun 05Cthulhu Scissorhands
May 29Who´s Side Are You On?
May 26Never Forget Your Companion Cube
May 22Overcompensating
May 19You Can Always Trust The Duke
May 16No Control
May 13Iron Man: Hidden Functions
May 08Cthulhu And The City
May 05Pr0n Pirates
May 01Zerg Rush!
Apr 28Weird Science!
Apr 24CoD: Modern Jam Warfare 2
Apr 21Left Behind
Apr 19Shocked And Appalled
Apr 13Unprotected Sex Is Still Very Bad… Mkay?
Mar 22Revenge Of The Humping Kung-Fu Monkeys
Mar 17Boom – Headshot!
Mar 10The Mountains Of Madness – Part Six
Mar 03The Mountains Of Madness – Part Five
Feb 28The Mountains Of Madness – Part Four
Feb 20The Mountains Of Madness – Part Three
Feb 18The Mountains Of Madness – Part Two
Feb 10The Mountains Of Madness – Part One
Jan 31An Unexpected Turn
Jan 27Guest Comic: It’ll Be Fine
Jan 23Baggage
Jan 20Meeting The Roommate
Jan 13Frozen


Dec 24Happy Optimus Prime-Day To Everyone!
Dec 21Gaming-Tourettes
Dec 16Quite…
Dec 09The Adventures Of Cthulhu!
Dec 01Dragon Age: Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow
Nov 29Station & Box
Nov 25He Does Have A Point…
Nov 21Assassin’s Man 2… Or… Batcreed 2… Ah, Screw It.
Nov 16Forgot Something?
Nov 05Trick Or Souls
Oct 31All Hallow’s Eve 2009
Oct 28This Town Of Mine
Oct 24The Truth About Pyramid Head
Oct 18The Worlds Greatest Detective…
Oct 15Nobel WTF-Prize
Oct 10Shatner Is Never A Good Sign
Oct 04Cthulhu Todd – The Real Demon Barber On Fleetstreet
Sep 30Guest Comic: Snakes Through History
Sep 26The Price Of Gas Is No Joke
Sep 19Wasteland Wedding
Sep 13Who Is Batman?
Sep 05Slackers Saturday
Sep 02Mothership Lunch
Aug 29Another Day Another Dollar
Aug 25Remember That One Time…
Aug 12That Familiar Feeling
Aug 05Note To Self: Don’t Loose Notes
Jul 29M’yes Quite.
Jul 22Megan Foxy Lady
Jul 18Dead Pants – Part Deux
Jul 12Hummmm…
Jul 08Fork In My Eye 2: Return Of The Fork
Jul 05Semester – For The Win!
Jun 27Guest Comic: The Boy Wonder-shorts – Get Your Pair Now!
Jun 24AssExplosion!
Jun 17Tetris – The Movie
Jun 10Max Is Turning In His Grave
Jun 06Guest Comic: Raiden Rising
Jun 04LeChuck For President
Jun 03Achivement-Day: Milking It
May 30Achivement-Day
May 27Substitut
May 20Bums In The Capital Wasteland
May 16Guest Comic: White Rabbit Chronicles – Part 2
May 13It Went Up BOOM!
May 09The Crying Movie
May 05He Is Just Not A Tool. He Is A Tool’s Tool!
Apr 30I Am The Law!
Apr 25Guest Comic: White Rabbit Chronicles – Part 1
Apr 15Deep Pr0n!
Apr 11Easter Special Of Doom!
Apr 08Shoot at THEM Not ME!
Apr 04Metal Gear Brain!
Apr 01April Fools
Mar 25Space For Rent
Mar 22Dead Pants
Mar 21Due To Acts Of Vengeance…
Mar 18Who Flashes The Watchmen?
Mar 15Little Flower Of Horrors
Mar 11The Humping Kung-Fu Monkeys!
Mar 07Hot And Not
Mar 04The Lost Are Damned Alright!
Feb 28Emo-Zombie-Get-Together
Feb 25Request 4 Nudity
Feb 21Give The Man His Award…
Feb 18A Natalie Portman Of My Own
Feb 14Valentines Day Of Doom!
Feb 11Emostation 3
Feb 07The Ultimate RetroMachine!
Feb 04Who Hears The Watchmen?
Jan 31Enter The Boll
Jan 24The Evil Consultant – And Benny!
Jan 21The Elder God Is Becoming Even Older.
Jan 17The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword…
Jan 14Got Brains?
Jan 10Freedom!!
Jan 08Tobbe The Sailorman
Jan 04Are You Ready? – 2009


Dec 31He Is The Prince Of Something Alright…
Dec 28Guest Comic: Dr.Spirit
Dec 27My City Screams: PERV!
Dec 24My Impecable Jesus-Theory
Dec 19Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…
Dec 17My Favorite Tradition
Dec 14Worst Monstermovie… EVER!
Dec 10Why So Serious, Indeed?!
Dec 07I Wonder Wich One Is Scarier?
Nov 29New Xbox = Imploding Brain
Nov 21Cthulhu In The Snow
Nov 19Broken Xbox = Broken Heart
Nov 16Moderaterna är det nya SPECTRE
Nov 11The Reflection In The Mirror Isn’t Always That Goodlooking.
Nov 06På Pressbyrån I STHLM…
Oct 30Falling Out Of Reality
Oct 25Guest Comic: Whacky Adventure!
Oct 16The Birth Of Mega Man- Star Force… And It Ain’t Pretty.
Oct 02Enter Ironic Man
Sep 28Rock n’ Roll LIVE
Sep 21Super Mario Bros. Hilton Adventure
Sep 12Attack Of The Defect Brain
Sep 05The Drive In Castle Crashers”
Aug 18Sommarutfyllnad… Duuuur!
Aug 15A Present From Rapture
Aug 11Gears Of South Park
Aug 03If Only Superman Was Badass
Jul 28Batman For President
Jul 25Assassin’s Man… Or… Batcreed… Or Maybe Not.
Jul 22Unprotected Sex Is Still Bad… Mkay?
Jul 1942″ Of Terror
Jul 16Oh The Joy!
Jul 07The Cube Has A Lie
Jul 06Dragonblogg Z: Hair Limit
Jun 30We Are The All Singing, All Dancing Crap With The World
Jun 25Guest Comic: IQ-Befriad Gäst
Jun 23The Beauty And The Beasts
Jun 17Metal Gear!?
Jun 11Shadow Over Innsmouth
Jun 01The Best Invention Ever!
May 26Bigger, Better And Uncut
May 09Grand Theft Work
Apr 27What Would Tony Do?
Apr 23Insert Theme-song Here.
Apr 16Daddy: Master Of Disguise!
Apr 07You Are What You Eat… Except… Not.
Apr 04Unprotected Sex Is Bad… Mkay?
Mar 15The State Of The World
Mar 02Med Bengt Magnusson-Röst…
Feb 23The Request
Feb 11And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor…
Feb 07Dead Men
Jan 22Sicko And The Elder God
Jan 19NumNum For Mr.Waxin…
Jan 10Papa’s Coming Home
Jan 04Are You Ready?