November 18th, 2015


It’s funny how things are shaping up in the upcoming American election. The top republican candidate promises whatever he can think of (including making everysone say “Merry christmas” if he wins) and the top democratic candidate is more of a republican than most of the republican candidates (that would be Hilary Clinton, helping the banks of Wall st).

It is kind of interesting from time to time to follow the election. Like Donald Trump’s press conferance. I mean, this comic is like 75% based in reality. I just had to add 2 speechboubles and the last frame 😛 That’s kind of scary to think about that this looney toon of a person could become the president of the US, and “leader of the free world”.

I’ve got to admit that I am quite pleased with myself about the 4th frame though 🙂

Anyway. Hope you guys enjoy the comic and take it easy, even if the world has become a colder place since the last comic. You guys take care!