Two Men’s Lasting Friendship
August 26th, 2023

Two Men’s Lasting Friendship

So Ebbe and I have known eachother for a looong time. I think it’s been 23 years or so at this stage and he definetly was one of the people that got me to start working on this webcomic in the first place. So after hanging out with him last week I figured it was time to make a comic with him in it again, but also celebrate that friendship a bit. So there’s plenty of easter eggs in this comic.

For example in the first panel there’s the look of Ebbe and my character from a comic strip I posted back in 2006 (even tho I had to redraw and make it look better).

But it was a lot of fun working on this comic for multiple reasons. Hopefully you dudes enjoy it!

Have a great weekend, my dudes!