The Cartoonist Dilemma
September 18th, 2017 — Comment

The Cartoonist Dilemma

This day marks the two year anniversary of my good friend Jeff Lofvers’s comic Don’t Hit Save! And I figured we’d celebrate that with this comic, which is a spoof/tribute of Jeff’s very first comic strip on that page (which you can read here). Hence the Deja vu in reference the comic :)

Now if you haven’t read his comic strip yet, you should open up a new tab and go read it. Right now. It’s okay I’ll wait!

Have you read it yet? Good. It’s fucking funny isn’t it!

So anyway, Jeff’s an awesome guy and you should go read more of his stuff! Stalk him on Facebook and Twitter. Tell him I said hi! 😀

Happy Comicversary, buddy! Here’s to many years to come!

Stay awesome, slacker dudes and dudettes!

The Slacker News

 December 8th, 2015 — Comment 

What’s going on?

I really got to get better at writing these little news thingy’s. I guess no one really reads these anyway. But I probably should give you guys a bit of info about what’s going on!

So you guys know what’s coming? The holidays are coming! And after holidays there’ll be the New years! And after the new years, it’ll be the 10 years anniversary of the KOS comic!! YEAH! THAT’S PRETTY SCARY!!! And the 500th comic on top of that! And a couple of days after that my mother in law is coming to Sweden so… Yeah. Words.


I’ve decided to take a break from the KOS book until efter all of these things are done and over with because I’ve been working on a thing for the KOS anniversary. It’s no excuse considering I’ve been working on the book since forever, but oh well!

Also, in case you guys haven’t noticed, my brother and I’ve updated the look of the comic for a bit! I like it! We’ll see if I’ll keep it like this for a while or not. Looks sleek anyway! Ooooh! Shiny!

And since last time I wrote, I’ve created a Patreon account! I am actually getting paid for making comics now! And that’s freakin’ awesome! You should totally have a look over here in case you aren’t a patron already. You’ll find comic scripts, sketches and all kinds of fun stuff there. I know I keep telling you guys the same stuff over and over, but I kind of have to to get the word going. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ll try to update the news page more regularly (like I’ve said the last couple of times), and I’ll see you guys soon! Keep reading the comics!