July 30th, 2015 — Comment


It’s always nice (awesome in fact!) to have another comic with Annika in it. It’s not very often she gets to sit by the wacom and draw but when she does… Yeah it’s usually a bright green mess :) I’ll gve it a couple of years though and she’ll be better than I am, I’m sure.

Hmmm… Making King Of Slackers into a legacy comic? Sounds interesting :)

Anyway, just a quick cute comic that hopefully made you chuckle.

The Slacker News

 February 25th, 2013 — Comment 

29 Ways To Stay Creative!

A bunch of people have asked me how I come up with things and how I stay creative. It’s kind of funny considering I took a creative break from late October until now. But still, I figured I’d share some stuff with you. I started thinking about this a couple of days ago, writing some stuff down when I saw this image pop up on the Wacom Bamboo page on Facebook. I think it sums it up nicely :)

So all those things are good advice! I’m not too sure about singing in the shower bit though… Trust me, you don’t want to hear me singing. Ever :p

Anyway. If you aren’t feeling very creative or just stuck in a creative rut, I hope this picture helps you out :)