The Lawn Mower Man
August 31st, 2022 — Comment

The Lawn Mower Man

This one is kinda sorta based on real life events as well. We don’t own a lawn ourselves, but I do mowe the lawn for my parents since they aren’t healthy enough to do it themselves.

Anyways, few weeks back I did recieve Lawn Mowing Simulator as the free game of the week on the Epic Games launcher the day before I was meant to go to my parents place. This was the first thing that poped into my head.

Anyways, love you dudes! Hope you’re enjoying the last of the summer sun while it lasts!

The Slacker News

 May 20th, 2019 — Comment 


It’s probably about time I’d update this section on the site. Hi! Hello! 😀

So I’ve been trying out streaming on Twitch a couple of times. I’ve got to admit that AsylumGC8 got me inspired ages and ages ago, but I decided to buy a decent mic and give it a go!

The ironic thing is that the few times I have been streaming I had to stream without the microphone because Clara’s been sleeping in the same room as me. Not the optimal time to be streaming I know but it’s better than nothing, right?

So if you want to check out my attempts of streaming in the future, you should click this link over here. Give me a follow and be sure to turn notifications on. I really appreciate that <3

When I’m not streaming I’m usually hosting a slew of amazing people that you should totally check out too!

Here are links to a few people you should check out on twitch anyway, because they are, indeed, awesome.





Go check them out and told them I said hi! <3