And Then Look At You
September 12th, 2021 — Comment

And Then Look At You

I’m really enjoying this meme that has started to pop up on the internet lately!

It’s not very often I get around to making my own version of a meme within a reasonable time. BUT THIS TIME I DID! MOAHAHA!!!

It’s a quick comic. The first version was even quicker, but I decided to tweak a few thigns in the last panel so I didn’t re-use too much from a previous comic.

I tend to feel like if the comic is too quick to make that I feel bad about it. Kinda like impostor syndrome. But I’m trying to learn to get back to the mindset that I had a few years ago, which is to just have fun while I make these comics! I hope you guys enjoy it too 🙂

Anyways, Make sure to actually look at all you have done and all you have accomplished and be proud of yourself! You freakin’ deserve it!!

The Slacker News

 May 20th, 2019 — Comment 


It’s probably about time I’d update this section on the site. Hi! Hello! 😀

So I’ve been trying out streaming on Twitch a couple of times. I’ve got to admit that AsylumGC8 got me inspired ages and ages ago, but I decided to buy a decent mic and give it a go!

The ironic thing is that the few times I have been streaming I had to stream without the microphone because Clara’s been sleeping in the same room as me. Not the optimal time to be streaming I know but it’s better than nothing, right?

So if you want to check out my attempts of streaming in the future, you should click this link over here. Give me a follow and be sure to turn notifications on. I really appreciate that <3

When I’m not streaming I’m usually hosting a slew of amazing people that you should totally check out too!

Here are links to a few people you should check out on twitch anyway, because they are, indeed, awesome.





Go check them out and told them I said hi! <3