Found In Translation
August 27th, 2015 — Comment

Found In Translation

Hah! You didn’t expect to see a Lost In Translation themed comic when you woke up this morning, did you? DID YOU?! Thought so.

Anyway, I got this idea while watching “Lost In Translation” in the background while I was working. I had completely forgotten about the title screen and then there it was… Kind of emberassing. But at least noone saw it so that’s pretty lucky I guess 😛 I must admint tht I’m really happy with the way this comic came out. It’s trickier than expected to make a comic look good when the characers watch TV. For some reason.

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time!

The Slacker News

 February 25th, 2013 — Comment 

29 Ways To Stay Creative!

A bunch of people have asked me how I come up with things and how I stay creative. It’s kind of funny considering I took a creative break from late October until now. But still, I figured I’d share some stuff with you. I started thinking about this a couple of days ago, writing some stuff down when I saw this image pop up on the Wacom Bamboo page on Facebook. I think it sums it up nicely :)

So all those things are good advice! I’m not too sure about singing in the shower bit though… Trust me, you don’t want to hear me singing. Ever :p

Anyway. If you aren’t feeling very creative or just stuck in a creative rut, I hope this picture helps you out :)