Missing Australia
November 12th, 2015

Missing Australia

Yeah Sweden isn’t a great country to live in if you don’t like long dark gloomy days. I’m just saying! I know some people love it but really, once the leaves have fallen out of like 80% of the trees, this country gets super depressing.

But ah well. I really do miss Australia every now and again, but this time of the year, before the snow comes, I think I miss Australia even more than usual 🙂

And no, the spiders aren’t such a big issue in real life as it is in the comic. I keep telling people that though the whole year that I lived in Australia I only saw any poisonous ones a handful of times, and then I was out in the bush. Or they lived in a murky old wooden fence where I wouldn’t put my hand in a million years anyway :p

Btw, apparently there’s a movie out called “Big Ass Spider”. Did you know that? I didn’t. But that explains the big ass spider on the 3rd frame 😉 It’s not real guys. Promise!