Letter Of Apology
April 2nd, 2014

Letter Of Apology

What a twist! As you guys now I don’t have much love for the Resident Evil movies. And I’ve made fun of them before in this comic over and over 😉 But yes, I actually saw a movie that was worse than those crappy crappy movies!

One faithful night about a week ago we stumbled upon… Sex & The City 2. It was playing on the TV and my GOD! It is SO STUPID! It’s so stupid in so many levels. It has terrible actors, terrible jokes, it’s racist, it hates on people for being married. And then there’s the fashion…


… Yeah.

I could probably just rant on and on about it, but that’s not why you guys are here. Just watch it if you want. We didn’t finish it, but the 30 minutes or so we watched it… Yeah… Never again.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed the comic! And please don’t watch Sex & The City 2… Or A Serbian Film. You’ll regret it.

Also, I noticed that there’s a bunch of spelling errors but I’ll get around to that later 😛 Herp derp!