The Horror 3
April 18th, 2012

The Horror 3

Here is a new comic for you guys! Yeah you guys know how much I enjoy the Milla Jovovich Resident Evil movies…  As in: I think the first one was okay and the rest of the movies suck balls.


I’ve ranted about this a lot of times already but I just don’t see the idea of using the “Resident Evil” name unless you actually, you know, make a movie that’s even remotely close to the source material. But nope. When I think “Resident Evil” I think of a cloned telecenetic Jovovich.


Any way… I won’t go on a rant this time. You can read about that in my earlier RE-movie comics 🙂 Here and here.  But that is pretty much what I think of them 🙂


I have to admit that I do love the simplefied surprised/sick look in the second frame there 🙂 Priceless! I also think that the third frame came out really well. It is really disturbing in so many ways 🙂