The Horror Part 2
July 28th, 2011

The Horror Part 2

So this was a comic I never thought I’d actually make. Probably because I was hoping that there would never be a sequel to the Resident Evil 4 movie. But of course, someone thought that would be an AWESOME idea! And I bet that someone never was a fan of the original Resident Evil games.


I saw the first 3 movies. Hell I even saw the first one in the cinema. But those movies haven’t aged well. At all. And while watching the third one, it was like watching someone play the games with a game genie on and had unlimited health, unlimited bullets and the high jump cheat on. It was just plain silly. “Ofcourse I’ll summon a firestorm to take care of that swarm of zombiebirds in the sky, this is Resident Evil after all!” Guh.


Anyway. This comic was a quick one to make since the original comic I was going to post today… Well… It would be in bad taste to post it at this moment, considering what’s happened in the world. But I’ll still post it in a few weeks 🙂 But for now this will have to do. And I hope I never have to make a “The Horror Part 3″…


Now I am off to work! But I hope you guys enjoy the comic and I will see you internet dudes and dudettes  later! 🙂