The Horror
June 26th, 2010

The Horror

Yeah so me, Sam and our friends Marika and Chris saw the remake on “Nightmare on Elmstreet” a few weeks back. The movie was okay, but the scariest thing occurred before the movie even started. It was very unexpected and really made my skin crawl…

It was a trailer for the fourth Resident Evil movie. Resident Evil: Afterlife. I have to admit that me and my brother saw the first Resident Evil movie at the cinema. It was very “Meh” but okay I guess. It had nothing that resembled the Resident Evil video games though, that was for sure. Then the second one came out with the whole “Nemesis” thing and… damn that was terrible… But things really got even worse in the third movie, when Alice all of a sudden was a full fledged Jedi-master who could lift things with her mind and what not. It isn’t even close to resembling anything from the video games. WHY did it have to have the name Resident Evil, when the movies have nothing to do with the source material? Well to cash in on the name and fan base of course. GAAH!

Anyway. Yeah the only redeeming factor in this would be that Wesker is the badguy (And he looks nothing like he did in the third movie). But it’s pretty hard to see how someone would be an obstacle to a character that sets zombie crows on fire with her mind!  I say: No thanks.

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  1. Andreas Svalås on June 28th, 2010 at 6:37

    I don’t mind them using the idea behind the RE-games as a base for their movies, and the first one was pretty good because they did just that. The later parts just plain suck…