Michael Bay: Age Of Excrement
March 29th, 2014

Michael Bay: Age Of Excrement

I missed the update last Wednesday. That’s what happends sometimes when you have babies, folks 🙂 Gonna start planning ahead now that I’ve got some time. Anyway, this was a comic I whipped up pretty much straight after I saw the Transformers 4 trailer.

First of all; I loved the Transformers toys and cartoon in the 80’s – 90’s. I thought it was awesome! My favourite characters were Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Bumble Bee. So when I head that there was gonna be a live action movie about them I was stoked! And I saw the first one… It was decent. Could be a whole lot better. Then I saw the second one… Oh boy. I know that some people say that the second one was okay but I didn’t like it. But it made money so of course there’s a third one. Didn’t see it. Don’t want to see it. Then I heard that Grimlock and the Dinobots are showing up in the 4th one! That could be awesome! And now I’ve seen the trailer… Yeah. Nope. Not seeing that the the cinema. It looks boring. I didn’t think it was scientifically or mathematically possible. But it does.

I’ll just save my money and probably go watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier instead 🙂