Beardtastic Part 2
December 17th, 2013

Beardtastic Part 2

This was intended as a “quick” follow up comic for the previous “Beardtastic” comic but yeaaah…. Life kind of got in the way so it was quite delayed. But I still wanted to upload the comic so “why the hell not”, right?

Before anyone gets offened I just wanted to say that I went for the WTF-factor in this case and I’ve got nothing against people who don’t shave or do shave their downstairs bits. I just figured it would be fun to see what would happen if a woman did the same thing as I did in the previous comic. Whatever people want to do with their private bits is up to them 🙂

And before any of my coworkers ask: No, the red haired person is not based off of a real person :p

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it!