No Man’s Comic
August 6th, 2014

No Man’s Comic

Well E3 wasn’t too long ago. I have to admit that I wasn’t super excited by the stuff that they showed this year for some reason. I just didn’t get that nerdgasm feel that I used to get from when the big 3 showed off their upcoming games for the new consoles. Maybe it’s because there are so many military style, brown and gray shooters out there and I’m kind of gettnig sick of them? Maybe. But the big winner this ear was No Man’s Sky! 😀


I do remember seeing this at E3 last year and it seemed like a great idea. But after seeing it this year and listening to the developers while they were being interviewed by Giant Bombcast… Yeah. I am very very excited about this game 🙂 I’d love to play it right now. RIGHT NOOOWWW!!!

But I guess I’ll have to wait like everone else :p