November 27th, 2014


So yeah, out of all the silly rumors surrounding Sony’s Spider-Man movie franchice this one took the cake. I am sure that all those young kids that love Spider-Man would be SUPER excited about a movie about Aunty May… Yeaaaah.

The rumor was that it would take place in a Mad Man 50’s setting and that Aunty May would be some kind of spy in the style of Marvel’s Agent Carter. That… No. Aunty may is probably one of the dullest characters in the Marvel Universe. And no, that premise doesn’t change that fact. I am so glad that this rumor was exactly that: a rumor. There was no truth behind it whatsoever. Anyway… When I heard the rumor my mind wandered and there was no chance I could pass up the oppertunity to make a tentacle porn joke! Us cartoonists are sick that way.

Let’s just hope that Sony can make a decent Venom movie. Fingers crossed!