Blue Is The Hottest Color
August 17th, 2016

Blue Is The Hottest Color

So yeah there’s a french movie named “Blue is the warmest color” that is based on a comic by the same name. The movie was pretty average but I’ve heard the comic is better. ANYWAY, the biggest reason I ever heard of the movie was because the movie had a 7 minute lesbian sex scene in it. And of course every Tom, Dick and Harry thought it was the greatest thing every that happened to cinema.

7 minutes is A LOT of time to spend on one love scene in a “normal” movie. I’m just saying.

Anyway, a Swedish comic podcast was talking about the comic and movie the other week and that gave me the idea for this comic. Because, why not?

Btw, Jeff over at Don’t Hit Save is a super awesome dude, in case you didn’t know already. So you should go over there and read his comics too! Do it. DO IT NOW!!!

Enjoy, fellow slackers! 😀