Post Halloween Trauma
November 6th, 2014

Post Halloween Trauma

So Halloween has come and gone. Hope you all had a great one and had waaaaay too much candy 🙂

So I came up with this comic a couple of years back, but I never really got around to drawing it… Because… You know… It wasn’t Halloween at the time 🙂 And once Halloween came around, I had forgotten about this idea or was too busy for any Halloween comic at all 😛 So I am really happy I’ve finished this one and that it came out so great!

It was supposed to be a very generic ghost in the last frame, but I figured since Cthulhu ate the hipster in the last comic, it might as well be a hipster ghost as well 🙂 Because why not?

Hope you guys enjoyed the comic and I’ll see you guys later! 😀