Skyrim – A Hero’s Struggle
June 2nd, 2012

Skyrim – A Hero’s Struggle

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. But recently I’ve been working, been sick and been away on a mini vacation (not in that order :p). But I’m sure you guys survived anyway. If not… Sorry :p I’m still having trouble with new ideas for comics, so I figured I’d be lazy and make another homage to a previous classic Penny Arcade comic… Gives me more time to play, right? 🙂

Not setting the non playable characters (NPC’s) on fire 🙂 I’m sure that everyone has this problem from time to time.


I really like how this comic looks. All the expressions of the characters and the background picture came out quite nicely 🙂 I’m still playing Skyrim and still playing with my second character, a sneaky Khajiit assassin. So I am sure I’ll get around to making a comic about killing the emperor eventually as well :p