World Priorities Cup
July 2nd, 2014

World Priorities Cup

So the Soccer World Cup is in full swing and 95% of the world is mesmerized by grown men in shorts chasing each other on a patch if grass.

I’m not a huge fan if soccer but a lot of people are. I get that. Sometimes people just need I relax and watch some football for entertainment to forget all that depressing stuff that is happening in the world.

What I don’t like though is the two faced nature of events like this.

For example: Rio gets an absurd amout of money to spend on renovating their soccer stadium. 300 million dollars. While a huge chunk of the population in the city are living in slums. I’m sure they could renovate the stadium for say… 150 million, and spend the rest on the people that need it more.

But it doesn’t end there. Remember a few weeks before the World Cup when police decided to “clean up” some shanty towns in Rio because it made the city look bad? The police tore down these peoples homes and killed people to “clean up” the city.

It seems like the world has their priorities all mixed up. So I decided to make a light hearted comic about it. I’m tired, it’s late an I am gonna stop ranting now. But I hope you still enjoyed the comic, dudes and dudettes!

See you next Wednesday!