Soul Flavoured Coffee
April 16th, 2011

Soul Flavoured Coffee

Just a quick comic for today 🙂 I thought it’s quite funny how these different flavoured coffees keeps poping up all over, and when I last saw them at the supermarket I thought to myself: What would Cthulhu do? A question I ask myself quite often nowadays 😛  And Cthulhu would definitely create a soul flavoured coffe god damn it! 😀 And he’d love it! Om nom nom!


So yeah, it is a neat little comic, and I like it 🙂 This one will probably grow on me over time. Maybe I’ll even make a T-shirt out of this one 🙂 We’ll see.


Now I am off to grab a cup of (regular) coffee and play a little bit of Dead Rising 🙂 You guys take care and I’ll see you on Wednesday!