March 31st, 2017


The idea for this comic came about after there were a lot of other webcomics that I was reading at the time hitting different milestones (like making 100 comics, or being online for a year and so on) and I didn’t have enough time to make individual comics celebrating that. Sorry guys! Anyway, so I decided to do an Avengers-style team up thing and this is was I came up with! And I’ve got to admit that I am super proud of it 🙂

I guess a list is in order in case you were wondering what all these comics are!

Well there’s me and Cthulhu at the top. Duh, Then there’s from Left to right:
Diary Of A Squirrel , Little Gamers , RGBros , Cat and Cat , Molly Beans and of course Don’t Hit Save .

You guys are all freakin’ epic!

Stay awesome slacker dudes and dudettes!

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  1. jlsaenz1128 on April 1st, 2017 at 3:55

    Not exactly what I thought of guest apperances but either
    way it’s true since in comics you put all the web comics you read by the way where is ebbe