Troy – Space Dude!
April 28th, 2011

Troy – Space Dude!

Now this is a blast from the past! 😀 “Troy – Space dude” was a comic I started developing (in secret) in 2007, after working on King Of Slackers (then called “The Blogg”), playing too much “Space Quest” and watching way too much Star Trek & “Futurama” 🙂


Now this comic was the first one I made in this story arch, but it was suposed to be number 3 or 4. It would have been an epic story about how a far away world needed a hero, but instead they got Troy 🙂 Troy is kind of like a crossover between Futurama’s Captain Brannigan and Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. Being a man’s man, but not quite knowing his limitations… and obviously not too bright either 🙂


And the other character, Frenchy, isn’t actually French at all. He’s Belgian (where they speak French :P). The running gag would have been that Frenchy tells Troy this multiple times, but Troy just doesn’t get it 🙂 He would have been Troy’s Spock… If Spock hated Kirk’s guts 🙂


Anyway, I might return to this comic one day.   But I saw this on my hard drive after coming home from Australia, and figured I’d share it with you guys 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed it!