Skyrim – Epic Quest Time
May 9th, 2012

Skyrim – Epic Quest Time

I was watching the “Making of”-documentary of Skyrim on youtube the other day (It’s all free and was promoted on Bethesda’s Twitter so just go watch it 🙂 ) and Todd Howard, the game’s producer (I think) said a funny thing. He mentioned something along the lines of that he wanted Skyrim to be the best sword fighting game, the best sneaking game but also the best flower picking game… And yes, of course this old comic popped up in my head 🙂 So i figured I’d make an homage to the old Penny Arcade comic… But Skyrim.


And yes, I have thought about this before. Not just with Skyrim but open ended games in general, that you can take all the time you need with the main quest, or just drop it all together, and it won’t affect the world you live in. “Time is of the essence! … Oh, you want to pick some flowers? … Okay? … Yeah, it’s okay. The dragon isn’t going anywhere” 🙂


Having said that though, I have to say it is by far the best Elder Scrolls game to date 🙂 I liked Morrowind, I loved Oblivion and Skyrm is even better than those 🙂 Well done, Bethesda. Well done.

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  1. Diane on May 12th, 2012 at 8:37

    Sensitive new age guy hey! Love it 🙂