Stop! Covid Time!
February 9th, 2022

Stop! Covid Time!

Sadly but true I’ve caught the big ‘Rona after almost two years of being careful and whatnot. But I guess that this week was peak Corona time so… Yeah. Fun times all around.

But the kids are feeling way better already so that’s good. And I’ve got a comic out of it! So I can’t complain really!

Well yes I can. Everything hurts and I’m dying… But OTHER than THAT I can’t complain.

As for the good news: YES! I have a buffer of comics now! I’ve got quite a few comic ideas so I’m working on getting them done but it feels great! I’ve got a Valentine’s Day comic and a birthday comic coming up so that’s something for you dudes to look forward to!

Anyway, I’ll go and crawl into a corner and die now. You dudes take care of yourselves and I’ll catch you later!