No Control
May 16th, 2010

No Control

A quick Sunday comic for all of you boys and girls of the Interwebs.

This is the first comic where we actually see the lounge room in our house. And yes, I actually did bring my xbox controller with me… But no Xbox 😛 So for the time being, all my gaming is done on my iPhone. But one day, when I have the money. I will have another Xbox!!

Now I am off to enjoy the rest of this awesome Sunday, so I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!


  1. Diane on May 16th, 2010 at 10:59

    Ha ha, I like it, once again the background is to perfection 🙂 well done!

  2. Benny on May 17th, 2010 at 0:32

    aww lol got the controller but no xbox 😉 poor thing – but iphone games are ok as well though 😀 actually, im joining the iphone family soon.. this week hopefully, i ordered a iphone today 😀 lol