Duke Tourettes
February 2nd, 2012

Duke Tourettes

 So yes, I did it. I did buy copy of Duke Nukem Forever (and no, it wasn’t a used copy). It didn’t even cost me $15. And I freaking like it! 🙂


The game isn’t anywhere near perfect. And the person that expected that from the start… Well… What’s wrong with you? Everyone knows it was 12 years in the making and all the problems it encountered during the years. But like a true badass the Duke survived. And he came back 🙂 I’m sure I’ve rambled on about this before, but in a gaming world full of tough chiseled jawed, shaved headed game hero’s (the A1 standard game hero nowadays) or faceless space marines we need something different. We need Duke Nukem.


He’s not perfect. But it’s still awesome that there is at least one game out there that doesn’t try to be all CoD-super serious with the story and crack some lame jokes and references now and again. Sure, not everything is funny. But it tries at least.


I wish more game designers took a chance and maybe did something different with their characters. When I was a kid for example, we had the fat plumber and the blue hedgehog of course, but we also had the kamikaze squirrel and the hang gliding bobcat or the three time traveling vikings in space. You don’t see that kind of stuff very often. Duke isn’t one of those things either. But he is something different. And different is good.


And now, end rant 🙂


This come kind of came out one day at work while talking to my good friend Niklas at work. We have this thing where we just say random Duke Nukem things to each other. Of course we stumbled across the phrase Duke Nukem Tourettes and that’s kind of how I thought of this comic 🙂


Now I am off to keep working on the KOS book. But you guys take it easy for now 🙂 Hail to the king, baby!