The Truth About Pyramid Head
October 24th, 2009

The Truth About Pyramid Head

So this is probably the closes thing to a halloween special that we’ll get 🙂 And I must say that i am very very pleased with this one. Maybe even the best one I’ve done yet.

For those who doesn’t know. “Pyramid Head” is one of the very scariest monsters from one of the worlds probably scariest games… Silent Hill 2. Damn it, it still scares the shit out of me when I play it. For those who haven’t played SH2, well I’ll try to sum it up for you without giving away any spoilers.

SH2 is about a everyday-Joe named James, who is quite depressed since his wife died 3 years earlier. Suddenly he gets a letter from his late wife telling him to meet up with her in their special place in the town of Silent Hill. Knowing that she is dead, and realizing that it can’t be his late wife, James still goes to Silent Hill to find her. And the game starts with James parking and going into the town of Silent Hill, where nothing is what it seems.

What makes the Silent Hill franchise interesting is it’s way of storytelling. In the Resident Evil-games it’s about action and big guns and cheap scares, compared to Silent Hill’s creeping, psychological, slowpaced scares. And everything has a god damn meaning. In Silent Hill 2, everything from the monsters to the writings on a wall gives a clue just about who James is… And like I said. Nothing in Silent Hill, even James, is what it seems. And the ending… Well… Fucking priceless 🙂

And Mr. Pyramid head… Well… Apart from the disturbing introduction, where he accually rapes other monsters (I am not kidding) ,  is one of the scariest motherfucking monsters around. And not only that, he is the embodyment of James own personal guilt.

Now, how he comes into play in the games AFTER SH2, I have no idea. But he just seems to appear out of nowhere probably out of fanservice.

So why is Mario Pyramidhead? Because he has the same problem as James in Silent Hill 2…. He suffers from Sexual repression. Just think about that for a sec. Mario always saves princess peach. But he never gets to do it with her. EVER! And he is the fucking symbol of videogames for christ sake 😛 And that for more than 20 fucking years! James has only suffered though 3!! Besides. Mario is a fucking coldhearted bastard, jumping on top of turtles and living mushrooms and takig steroid-shrooms. You bet your ass he is a monster 🙂


  1. Ebbe Waxin on October 24th, 2009 at 10:13

    Mario : “madness… THIS…. IS…..MUSHROOOM KINGDOOOM!!!!” 😛

  2. Tobbe on October 24th, 2009 at 22:22

    Hehehe. I’d see that movie. Super Mario Brothers The Movie 2: War In Mushroom Kingdom! :O

  3. HB on October 25th, 2009 at 3:07

    omg i knew it all along >_<