Gingerbread Men x Godzilla
December 28th, 2023

Gingerbread Men x Godzilla

Jimmy and Steve, the gingerbread men are making another comeback!

This one is a throwback to a comic strip I did back in 2016 named “Gingerbread Men”, another one I made in 2019 named “Gingerbread Men Returns“ and the last one in 2021 named “Gingerbread Men Forever”! Since it didn’t make much sense going witht the Batman themed names for this comic, and Gingerbread Godzilla’s in it, I might as well do a Godzilla crossover this time around!

So this holiday and the start of this year has been insanely stressful so apparently I forgot to post this comic at the end of last year. But… I guess better late then never, right?