I Like People The Way I Like My Tea
December 17th, 2023

I Like People The Way I Like My Tea

Hey, dudes! Long time no chat! I know it’s been a hot minute since I dropped some news your way. Life’s been a rollercoaster lately, and I thought I owed you a bit of an update.

So, here’s the lowdown. The comic uploads have been a bit sparse these last two months, and for that, I apologize. Work has turned into this crazy sharknado of stress, deadlines, and all the chaotic stuff you can imagine. It’s like my office decided to turn into the set of an action movie – minus the explosions and cool stunts, unfortunately.

I’ve been juggling so much that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath, let alone draw new comics. But fear not, true believers! I’m doing my absolute best to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s like trying to balance a plate of spaghetti on a unicycle while juggling flaming torches – challenging, but not impossible (I hope)!

The good news is, I’m determined to get back on track. I’ve got a bunch of comics in the pipeline so I will get to those when there’s time.

In the midst of this chaos, your support means the world to me. And guess what? It’s one of the things that keeps me going. So, thanks a million for sticking around, even during the comic drought.

I appreciate your understanding and patience more than words can say. Let’s ride out this storm together, and I’ll make it up to you with some epic comics real soon. Stay awesome, stay tuned, and let’s tackle these challenges head-on!

Catch you on the flipity flop!