A.I. Boost
November 22nd, 2023

A.I. Boost

G’day mates! I finished this comic up a few days ago but things have been a bit stressful so I forgot to post it in time. No worries tho! Because now it is here!

I had a lot of trouble with the composition in this one for quite a while. I knew what I wanted panels 1,3 and 4 to look like but I was struggling with the 2nd panel for the longest time. It was really weird. But in the end I think we finally got there and it turned out QUITE nicely if I may say so myself.

And indeed the 4th panel is made with A.I. Buuut I just added the t-shirt print and the logo to the coffee cup just to make absolutely sure that you knew which charater it was. I don’t think A.I. is quite there… YET!!!

Now many times more can I say A.I. in this post?

Anyways, good night!