July 21st, 2022


There were all these articles coming up on my news app about Dall-E, Dall-E 2, Dall-E mini and Craiyon and it sparked my interest. All of them apparently do the same thing. It’s an AI that you can tell to draw “Batman riding off into the sunset on a small pony” and that is what the ai will try to draw for you.

It’s an interesting concept. And from what I’ve seen of Dall-E 2 it’s QUITE impressive. Dall-E is the first version of the ai that I can’t seem to get a hold of. Craiyon is the new name for Dall-E mini aaaand…. Craiyon isn’t super impressive from what I’ve tried. I’m not gonna lie. BUT it did give me the idea for this comic!

Well kind of. Jeff over at Don’t Hit Save helped me make it even funnier so thanks for that Jeff!

Also go check out his comic in case you aren’t already. It’s great stuff!