The Legend Of Duke
July 7th, 2016

The Legend Of Duke

I was thinking the other day that “I haven’t seen Duke Nukem around in a while. Wonder if they are going to make any more games with him or not?”. I mean. Probably not. But back in the day there were some Duke Nukem games that poped up out of nowhere while we were waiting for Duke Nukem Forever. Like Duke Nukem: Time To Kill (or Duke Nukem Zero Hour, if you lived in the U.S.)! I thought it was a pretty decent game when I was a kid. And it invoved time travel! And your game can’t involve time travel without thinking of Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time!

See the logic I had in my thoughts there? … No? Well me neither. It was also fun to just put Duke in Link’s shoes. Because why not, right?

Enjoy, fellow slackers! 😀