Suck A Massive Bag Of Dicks
July 13th, 2016

Suck A Massive Bag Of Dicks

As you know I commute by train to get to work in the morning. Yeah, well about a month or so ago Swedish Railways (SJ) decided that they’d be so kind and do some work on the train tracks over the summer. And when I say “over the summer” I mean for over two months! But they think that’s totally a-ok because they’ve arranged replacement busses… Yeah. So on a good day, I’ll only be about 20-30 minutes late to work in the morning, and spend an extra 20-30 to get home.

On the NOT so good days, well Swedish Railways suck at basic things like… Well… Making sure that the freakin’ doors on the trains open and close like they fucking should! This happened the other day and it took me an extra hour and a half just to get home. Fun times all around.

But you think that their prices for the train tickets are going to be any lower because of the inconvinoinces? Pffft! Of course not.

So yes, this is my message to Swedish Railways (SJ). Please go suck a massive bag of dicks. Like. Freakin’ huuuuuuuge! Kthnxbye.

P.S. I’ve heard with my gay friends and they are not offened at all by the term. In case you were worried about that.

Enjoy, fellow slackers! 😀