Super Nostalgia
July 3rd, 2016

Super Nostalgia

Back in the day when I was a very wee lad (around 3-5) there was hardly any animé to be found in Sweden. Hell most of us had no idea what it was. But BP gas stations had a whole bunch of VHS tapes for sale in the neighbouring town. And there’s where my family bought these tapes of “Starzinger” (or “Spaceketeers”) and trust me. It was THE best show EVAR!!!

The story revolves around the Princess of the Moon, Aurora and her three cyborg
companions (Kugo, Djorgo, and Hakka) who must travel to the Great King planet and restore the Galaxy Energy in the year 2072. The universe was becoming more and more unbalanced as the Queen of the Great Planet grows older. And of course on their way to the Great King planet they’ve got to battle a new monster in each episode.

What we didn’t know at the time was that Starzinger was essentially a sci-fi space opera retelling of the classic chenese novel Journey to the West. You know. the one that Dragon Ball is also based on.

So you chould definetly check it out if you’ve got the chance! I’m sure there are clips and episodes all over YouTube 🙂

Enjoy, fellow Slackers!

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  1. Ebbe Waxin on July 10th, 2016 at 16:59

    Starzinger is great ^^ I have the swedish box set of it.
    Too bad sweden didnt take in all the episodes of it. :/
    And BP was the shit for us 80s kids ;P