Are You Ready? – 2012
January 11th, 2012

Are You Ready? – 2012

A delayed happy new year, guys! 😀


Not much of a comic today perhaps, but it is tradition to make one of these trailer-esque comics every year 🙂 Mainly what’s in store for you guys during 2012.


So as you can see,  Big Daddy returns! I know some of you readers are excited about that 🙂 I will also try to make a Noir story line in mostly black and white just for the hell of it. It was quite a lot of fun to draw that second frame. I’ve got to admit that. So I’m looking forward it 🙂 And the third frame… Well… I’ve got Batman Arkham City for Christmas 🙂 There will be a comic or two about that, I guess.


Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and enjoyed the Batman theme song 🙂 I’m off to work soon, and there will be a new comic up on Saturday! You internet guys and gals take care until then!