Are You Ready – 2018
January 4th, 2018

Are You Ready – 2018

This “comic” is a long running tradition I’ve had since way back in 2008. But I’ve got to admit that I’m sure I’ve got the “seasons” all wrong by now. I’ll have to fix that at some point 😛

But Anyway, these “Are You Ready” are meant to act more lika a movie trailer of upcoming comic strips rather than having a punchline. And since it’s not a proper comic of course I won’t charge my patrons for it. It’s more of a personal soft start for 2018.

And who’s that guy in the 3rd panel you might ask? Oh that’s my fav. Twitch-streamer Asylum and he REALLY wanted to be in one of my comic strips. So at some point this year I’ll have him on. But for now I figured it’d be awesome to have him on here 😉 If you feel like it, you should check his Twitch-channel out here.

Stay awesome, slacker dudes and dudettes! 😀