Super Limbo Bros.
March 28th, 2012

Super Limbo Bros.

 I know I’m not exaclty making a joke about a new game this time around. But to be honest, I haven’t really gotten around to playing Limbo yet. And I usually feel a little bit weird making a comic about a game I haven’t played yet. I WILL probably buy it once I’ve bought myself a new Xbox Live gold membership… Because I want it for my 360, so shut up. But I did get a demonstration of the game before and I have to admit it seems SUPER AWESOME!


I did get a strange feeling while watching the game (and yes, that’s from where the idea for this comic came from) and that feeling was that someone thought about mismatching Super Mario Bros. with The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari and just kept going. And by Cthulhu , that person is a genious! And it is also fun to make these little Mario and the weird mushroom – comics 🙂 So there ya go!