The Lunch Of Cthulhu
April 4th, 2012

The Lunch Of Cthulhu

So Sam has been away for 6 weeks. Yeah you guys who see me regularly know how much I’ve missed her and how we’ve been talking on Skype pretty much every day since she’s been away. Yeah, yeah seattle down you guys. I won’t get all mushy on you 🙂 But this is a scene that I got in my head while we were talking, and how it would actually be like if Cthulhu did live in my apartment… Yeah… There would be a lot of less mail men around that’s for sure 🙂


Anyway, this was one of those comics that just came around and was done pretty much the same day. Didn’t take very long either. I love when those moments 🙂


Poor poor mail man… MOAHAHAHAHA!! 😀