Blast From The Past
November 12th, 2014

Blast From The Past

Yeah that’s right! Bet you guys weren’t expecting a comic about a video game from five years ago, eh? 🙂 Yeah me neither. But I am having a blast playing the old AC2, so I’m gonna make a comic out of it. So there!

It’s funny because looking back at the AC-series, you don’t think about how it has changed that much. The graphics look better and better. But When I started playing AC2 I was really taken back with how clunky the controls where back then, compared to AC4 Black Flag. Sooo clunky. Especially thinking back when the game was new I thought “Wow! These controls are great!” … Yeah. I was kind of wrong 😛 lol.

Anyway, so now I am 4 achievements off to get all of them. But of course one of them makes me play though a good 3/4 of the game to get… So I’m not as excited about getting that one anymore… But we’ll see 🙂

So go out and play an “old” game every once in a while in between the new releases. You just might like it 😛