Diary Of A Squirrel
October 2nd, 2015

Diary Of A Squirrel

Since October is “Squirreal Awareness Month” (apparently) today’s comic is a guest comic I did for a webcomic called “Diary Of A Squirrel”! Fuck yeah!

This person started following me on Twitter some time ago and the comic really resonated with me and I’ve read through the comics a couple of times now. You should check it out too! You can find the comic here:


Anyway. I figured I’d be awesome to make a guest comic with the Squirrel and since he/she/it went to Prague earlier, of course it’d take the route back though Sweden. Makes sense, yeah? Sure why not.

Enjoy the comic guys and be sure to check out the original Diary Of A Squirrel while you’re at it! 😀