Guest Comic: Ebbe Absolution
September 26th, 2012

Guest Comic: Ebbe Absolution

Today we are doing something a little bit different :) Guest Comic time! As you guys know I am still trying to get into a good work / comic rythm, and while I am trying to get into that rythm there’s been a lack of updates recently. So I figured I’d ask my best mate Ebbe to do a guest comic or two and this is what I got back :) And I am very very happy with it. Thanks man!  … And who doesn’t look forward to the new Hitman game 😉


I’ve got a comic all done but I’m uploading Ebbe’s because it’s fucking awesome :)


For those of you who don’t know it by now, here’s Ebbe’s DeviantArt page and you should definetly look into that :) He’s got alot of funny comics you should check out. He also has this YouTube channel about his creative process that you should subscribe to… Even if it’s in Swedish 😉