Talk Like A Pirate Dad
September 19th, 2015

Talk Like A Pirate Dad

Avast you scurvy sea dogs! Today is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” and shall be celebrated as such! Bring on the Grog!!! 😀

I usually try to make a comic for Talk like a pirate day, but I manage to always miss it, and it feels silly to do a comic about it days and days too late. But not this year ! HAHARR!!! I also took the time to re draw my pirates outfit this time around. I was just gonna do a few touch ups and it ended up being completely redone. I’ve got to admit though that I really like the new design. Look more like a proper pirate captain 🙂

And of course It’s always nice to get Annika in the comic as well as super cute salty dog! Y’ARRGH!!!

Hope you like it, you blasted, land lubbers!