I’m Not Crying
March 28th, 2021

I’m Not Crying

So yeah I finished up Bioshock Infinite again the other day and even tho I have finished it before and I knew all the plottwists at the end, it still got to me and made me tear up as a dad.

I knew I wanted to make a comic about it but then again I know that there are some people that still haven’t played this game and I wanted it to be spoiler free. So that was the first tricky bit with this comic.

(Those of you who haven’t played it yet – You totally should!!! It’s like 8 dollars on Steam. It’s totally worth it. Otherwise just wait until the Bioshock collection goes on sale and get Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite for like 12 bucks)

And the second tricky bit was trying to figure out the expression on my avatars face in the last panel. In the end I think that I nailed it!

Anyways, Stay awesome my dudes!