Horror Shock
September 28th, 2013

Horror Shock

So I bought System Shock 2 while the humble bundle was on, and it is glooorious 🙂

I haven’t played System Shock for years but it is really awesome. Sure the graphics aren’t the best, but it really captures the horror of being alone on a spaceship filled with monsters that want to kill you. It really tries hard to get the atmosphere of that situation. And it succeeds 🙂

I really loved Bioshock as well. It kind of had that same feeling in the beginning. It was a very scary game at first, but as you progressed in the game it became less and less scary and well… It turned into more of an action game with monsters in it. In Bioshock Infinite they throw that whole thing out the window and focuses more on an action adventure kind of story. But I am okay with that 🙂 They are still awesome games, but for different reasons.

So anyway, just wanted to remind people that Bioshock was once a scary game too. Especially when Big Daddy was around.

Anyway, I got to get back to work. Enjoy the comic and game on! 🙂