A Trap For Mario
September 22nd, 2010

A Trap For Mario

Not too long ago Mario became the world’s most beloved 25 year old, and I didn’t even mention it in my comic rants… Yes. I am a very bad fanboy. But I am making up for it though 😛

There is something I don’t really understand in the Mushroom Kingdom. Well okay, there are many things I don’t get with the Mushroom Kingdom, but one of the things is… The mushrooms. I mean Toad is obviously one of the citizens of MK… but so are the Goombas. What is the difference? And Mario frequently eats other mushrooms to grow big and strong and to gain extra lives… Is that like eating Toad and Toadette’s babies? And what about the world in Super Mario Bros. 1 level 4-3 where you jump around on huge mushrooms, is that like Toad’s grandfather and grandmother or something?

Anyway… I figured it would be fun if the Goombas painted each other to look like one of the good mushrooms to fool Mario and kill him. Why haven’t they tried that for 25 years? Ah well… That’s how my mind wanders when I think too much about intergalactic plumbers and kingdoms made out of mushrooms. And I hope you enjoyed this comic 🙂 And to celebrate Mario’s (and Luigi’s) birthday, I’ll do more Mario comics in the future.

But probably not on this Saturday, though. Because I am off on vacation 🙂 And if this works out correctly, it will update the comic while I am away 😛