Bad Case Of Head Crabs
November 6th, 2010

Bad Case Of Head Crabs

So this is a comic about why you guys didn’t get a comic last Wednesday. The house was infected by head crabs! They just jumped onto me and I became a drooling braindead zombie that… What? Fine. Don’t believe me then! But that’s the truth. I swear! … Well okay it maybe didn’t happen exactly like that. I was just busy doing other things… Head crabs would have been more epic though.

Anyway. I figured that it’s been a while since I used the head crab from Half-life. Now that I think about it, I probably only used it once. So I figured that it would be time to use it again. It’s quite an awesome little dude… When he isn’t eating my brain. Really loved how that last frame turned out 😀 Proud of myself, is what I am.

But don’t worry. I got a comic done for next Wednesday,  so I got it covered 🙂

Tomorrow I am off to The Melbourne Zoo. That will be intereting. Hopefully I’ll be abel to make a comic or two about that experience aswell 🙂 But until then, you guys and gals take it easy!