The Beginning Of The Third Age
March 2nd, 2011

The Beginning Of The Third Age

Hmm.. Doesn’t seem like the automatic update thingy went though this time either. Annoying. Ah well. It’s comic time! 😀


So the idea I had for this comic is really  ancient. I was supposed to make it right after I made “The End Of The Third Age” in 2007. But ah well. Better late than never, eh? 😛 At the time I came up with this joke I just started my second play through of the game and I’ve always felt this part of the game was very strange.  And I just let my imagination run wild and… Well… What if the hero you play is a sheep fucker? Could you take the game seriously then? I don’t think so 🙂


Anyway, it was fun to revisit the old king that I drew up ages ago, and update him to fit the newer style of the comic. The hair is still the same, but pretty much everything else had to be redone. But yes, it all came together very good and it was very nice to finally finish this old idea  🙂


Now I am off to do something completely different, but I’ll see you guys on Saturday with a new comic!