Xbox Uno
May 23rd, 2013

Xbox Uno

So being the Xbox fan-boy that I am, I watched the Xbox One reveal live. I’ve got to admit that I am not super impressed so far, but then again they didn’t show off too many games during this reveal. That would make sense, right? Showing of your games for your gaming console? Pfft! That’s just silly. But my co-worker showed me this clip on Youtube, and I guess it pretty much summed up the whole live event in a nutshell.

So in conclusion… I dunno. I’m not buying either a Xbox One or PS4 right off the bat because, you know, I don’t shit gold bricks. So I’m gonna take my time and see what’s gonna happen during the E3 and other things before I decide on one or the other… And let them go down in price, of course… Waaaay down.

Btw, you won’t be able to watch TV on this thing in Sweden… Just saying.

At least it doesn’t have a “share” button.


  1. Schmuck Man on May 23rd, 2013 at 17:01

    I figure we have to wait until E3. They could have at least shown us a game or two; had they done that, I doubt it would have not been seen by many as a dissapointment.

  2. Tobbe on May 23rd, 2013 at 20:08

    Very well put, mate! 🙂