The Ghost Of Call Of Duty’s Past
May 30th, 2013

The Ghost Of Call Of Duty’s Past

I am a Call Of Duty fan. I am not afraid to admit that. Sure the stories in these games have jumped the shark way waaaay back, but at its core it is a silly silly series of games with big action scenes and a decent multiplayer. And sometimes that is all I need from my game.

I already had this comic done before the Xbox One reveal show last week, and I had no idea how CoD: Ghosts was going to look like. But when anyone is talking about videogames and ghosts, I keep thinking of the Pac-Man ghosts 🙂 Nostalgia damage to my mind probably, but that’s the way it works. Anyway, when people mentioned that there was going to be a new graphics engine for CoD: Ghosts, this was the idea that I came up with. To be fair though, the game looks pretty decent when you look at the trailer…

It’s not what I expected it to look like, being all “next generation” and all. Sometimes it even looks like Modern Warfare 3, but I am sure it will be fun though. It is a silly game series after all, and I am sure I’ll enjoy it waaaay more than any Michael Bay movie.