Power Outage
July 15th, 2015

Power Outage

So in case you follow me on Twitter you might have read my tweet where I said…

“Me: This is an easy idea for a comic strip. I’ll have it done in an hour!

Spends ages on it to make it look pretty.”

Yeah this was the comic I was talking about 😛 The original idea was to make the last 3 frames completely black except for the eyes.

When I started drawing on the comic I realised that it wouldn’t make any sense doing that considering the window wouldn’t be blacked out… So I had to leave that out… And then what about the light coming in from the window? It had to reflect on the characters. So I fixed that…

And then I ended up redrawing all of it anyway. ANYHOW, I think it came out very well in the end 🙂 So I am quite happy about that.

Enjoyed the comic guys! 😀