Super Classy Mario
September 4th, 2010

Super Classy Mario

M’yes indeed. Mario surely is a bad ass mother fucker. But sometimes I wonder if he is kind of a snob about who he saves and not. I mean, before he saved Pauline in Donkey Kong once. And he saved Daisy in Super Mario Land once. But other than that, he’s gone to save Peach like a million times. Could it be that Peach wants to get kidnapped as often as she does? Or is it just that Pauline and Daisy gets kidnapped just as often, but Mario just doesn’t give a shit? That is the big question 🙂

Yeah so that was my view on the thing when I made this comic. What kind of inspired me was the 9th episode of The Gameoverthinker. Watch it. It’s quite interesting. Well for us gaming fans anyway 🙂

Well that’s pretty much it for now 🙂

Enjoy the comic and I will see you guys and gals later! 😀