Enjoy Quantum
December 8th, 2011

Enjoy Quantum

 So we are finally back in our apartment! Woho! Well it was actually on the 27th of November, but still real life and work kind of got in the way of making comics. But now a new comic is up and I am on a roll! 😀 Feels good to be back. And I have to say this one is one of my favourite ones so far 🙂

So while at the temporary apartment I amused myself by making a prop of the Nuka Cola drink from the game Fallout 3. And if you asked me, it turned out very very well 🙂

And when I took my first sip of the prop drink (don’t worry, it’s just coloured Sprite) I came up with this idea. The fourth frame was supposed to be the original punch line, but a few hours later I came up with the second punch line and to tell the truth, it was way way better 🙂 So all of you who didn’t see it, you guys missed out.

Well I am gonna have another sip of my Nuka Cola Quantum and keep drawing. Now that I’m on a roll I’ll aim to get you guys more regular updates like before 🙂  I’ll see you guys later!

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  1. Sam on December 11th, 2011 at 0:18

    Hahaha awesome comic!! 🙂